Background, Purpose & History


Whereas it is recognized that, for the most part, most police officers at all levels of government are dedicated and compassionate men and women, the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice recognizes that there is a significant number who exceed their lawful authority and discretion, and hurt, maim, or kill innocent individuals or bystanders. The GHFCJ, or Coalition, denounces such deplorable incidents. GHCFJ Coalition members praise the efforts of the good men and women who are employed by those agencies their sacrifice and safety risk in keeping residents safe.


Since Justice has been elusive to many of the victims, the GHCFJ was formed to achieve the following democratic purposes, all of which are part of the Texas and U.S. Constitutions and the Bill of Rights:

  • Preservation of property and lives;
  • A venue to report the unlawful use of deadly or excessive force;
  • To create and implement a regional Independent Police Review Board;
  • To operate a complaint intake, review, advocacy, and prosecution effort
  • To collaborate and cooperate with the United States Attorney General’s Office;
  • To collaborate and cooperate with the U.S. Department of Justice;
  • To audit and enforce local, state, and federal audits of grant funds in support of fiscal and legal requirements of Title VII, §1983, and other applicable federal statutes; and.
  • To otherwise represent, defend and protect the rights of oppressed, marginalized, and abused U.S. citizens and legal residents of foreign lands.

Independent Police Review Commission or Board:

Efforts are under way to create a Regional Independent Police Review Board, but in the meantime, GHCFJ has under taken the task of implement a venue to report the use of deadly or excessive force by regional law enforcement officers, complaints can be filed on our web page www.Greater Houston Coalition for The complaints will be vet and forwarded to the Justice Department, Civil Rights Division, and or to any enforcement agencies.

The new Board or Commission will review complaints and deter mine the best course of action to take so that the reported incident is investigated by the appropriate justice department. The Board or Commission will advocate for fairness and objectivity and the preservation of evidence so that if necessary, the misconduct, if criminal and civil, can be subject to the appropriate judicial scrutiny and prosecution. All information will be kept confidential and maintained in its objective form so that evidentiary procedures are kept with highest integrity and evidence is legally handled. 

Current History:

On March 07, 2012, the Greater Houston Coalition For Justice convened a news conference on behalf of current and former Houston Police officers who have been, over this past decade, subjected to countless and persistent egregious and malicious acts of retaliation (such as termination) after complaining and reporting discrimination in HPD’s workforce on their behalf or on behalf of others.

The Greater Houston Coalition for Justice (GHCFJ) is asking any current and former Houston Police Department officer who has been the victim or witness of internal police misconduct, malfeasance or misfeasance that was inappropriately investigated or covered up, to come forward to file complaints on our web page   Greater Houston Coalition for Justice .

The complaints will be vetted and forwarded to the Justice Department, Civil Rights Division. Employees and officers from other county agencies, or other municipality in Harris County or surrounding counties may also file complaints.

Thank you for visiting our web page and your support of the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice.

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